Television Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Many people feel that television advertising no longer works. While growth in digital marketing continues to grow and mobile marketing is becoming paramount, research shows that TV is still the leading marketing medium in most of the core consumption indicators.

Reasons Your Need to Run Television Ads:

  1. The Average Consumer still spends over 5 hours a day watching TV vs 1 hour on their computer.
  2. Television still dominates among the core consumer demographics that most retailers and businesses covet.
  3. Cable segmentation allows you to creatively target specific demographics instead of paying a lot to be on cable networks.
  4. TV ads drive people online and reinforce your other advertising, leading to more conversions and brand awareness.
  5. Televisions ads reach a larger number of people faster.

The below infographic provides a great comparison of TV and digital marketing.


Infographic via Koeppel Direct

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